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Christopher Lloyd is a distinguished actor, winner of several Emmy awards, who has appeared in more than 200 films. He played roles at the Yale Theater alongside Meryl Streep. His most stellar and brightest work was the role of Dr. Emmett Brown at Back to the Future.

Thomas F. Wilson is an amazing artist who was able to show his talent in many areas of art. He started his career with the TV series “Knight Rider” from the NBC studio, but became famous for his trilogy Back to the Future, where he appeared as big guy Biff Tannen.

Maya Burton peaked in popularity in the late 80s and early 90s. Fame came to her after the films “Nanny Adventures” and “Back to the Future” (1985), where she appeared in the role of Sally Baines – Lorraine’s younger sister. She’s the winner of the Young Artist Prize.

Jason Hervey began his career at the age of 4. He starred in over 250 commercials, took part in famous TV shows and appeared in the films “Back to the Future” as Milton Baines, “Police Academy 2” and others. His projects have been nominated for many Emmy awards.

Billy Zane began his film career with Back to the Future, in which he appeared as Match (one of Tannen’s thugs). During his acting career, he received a Category B Award from Blockbuster Entertainment and Best of the Year, and has 4 nominations, including one for the CFCA.

“Letters from Frank” was the first Hollywood movie featuring Michael J. Fox. He has received numerous awards from the Screen Actors Guild of America, as well as Golden Globe and Emmy awards. And he gained worldwide fame thanks to the role of Marty McFly in Back to the Future.
“フランクからの手紙 “は、マイケル・J・フォックスが初めて出演したハリウッド映画でした。アメリカ映画俳優組合から数々の賞を受賞し、ゴールデングローブ賞やエミー賞も受賞しています。そして、「バック・トゥ・ザ・フューチャー」のマーティ・マクフライ役で世界的に有名になりました。

Harry Walters Jr. became known as an actor in the film “Death Warrant” and in the adventure fantasy film “Back to the Future”, where he appeared as Marvin Berry, a guitarist, one of the members of a musical band. He starred in more than 30 films, series and TV programs.
ハリー・ウォルターズ・ジュニアは、映画『デス・ウォラント』や冒険ファンタジー映画『バック・トゥ・ザ・フューチャー』で、音楽バンドのメンバーであるギタリスト、マーヴィン・ベリー役として出演し、俳優として知られるようになりました。30 本以上の映画、シリーズ、TV 番組に出演しました。

Crispin Glover is an atypical and intriguing actor. Significant filming for him was in the movie “Back to the Future” (George McFly). He has received 3 awards and has been nominated for the Saturn Award several times, as well as being nominated for the Chainsaw Award.

Wendy Jo Sperber began her career as an actress in the 70s. She liked to play comedic characters, for which she became famous. Some of the works that brought her popularity: “Bachelor Party” and several parts of “Back to the Future” (the role of Linda McFly).

Frances Lee McCain is best known for her roles in the films Anxiety, Gremlins and Back to the Future. There she played the role of Stella Baines – Marty McFly’s grandmother. In films from the 80s and 90s, she portrayed teenage mothers playing the main roles.

Donald Fullilov gained popularity in The Next Three Days (2010) and in the adventure film Back to the Future (1985), where he appeared as Goldie Wilson, a cafe cleaner. He is also known for his work in the cartoon “Up” and “Kung Fu Panda: Secrets of the Masters”.

Casey Semashko is an actor with a versatile acting. During his career, he took part in the voice acting of the game GTA: San Andreas, and also became best known for his filming in the western “Young Arrows” and his role as 3-D in several parts of Back to the Future.
ケイシー・セマシュコは、多才な演技を持つ俳優です。ゲーム「GTA: San Andreas」の声優に参加したほか、西部劇「Young Arrows」の撮影や「Back to the Future」の数パートで3D役を演じたことで有名になりました。

Mark McClure is best known for filming Superman. But he also gained popularity for the role of Dave McFly, Marty’s brother in the movie “Back to the Future”. In total, he took part in 100 projects, and he is the only one who appeared in all parts of “Superman”.

George DiCenzo gained popularity after filming Close Encounters of the Third Kind. He is also best known for his role as Sam Baines in the science fiction film Back to the Future (1985). George also contributed to the series The New Mysteries of Scooby-Doo and Spider-Man.

Jeffrey J. Cohen has starred in 23 films in total, but gained his fame through his participation in the film “Almost Famous” and in several parts of the popular science fiction film “Back to the Future.” Where he appeared as a skinhead, one of the gang members.
ジェフリー・J・コーエンは合計23本の映画に出演していますが、映画 “Almost Famous “と人気SF映画 “Back to the Future “のいくつかのパートへの参加でその名を知られるようになりました。そこで彼はギャングの一人であるスキンヘッドとして出演しました。

Norman Alden is an outstanding actor who discovered his talent while studying at the university. During his film career, Alden managed to take part in over 250 projects, one of which was the filming of the famous film “Back to the Future”. He played the role of Lou.

James Tolcan is known on the page as characters with a strong character. So in his work, the roles of harsh policemen or brutal criminals predominate. He has starred in over 50 films, including Back to the Future, in which he portrays Mr. Strickland, the headmaster.

Claudia Wells is best known for her appearances in Double Visions, Citizen Brown and Back to the Future, which appeared in 1985, in which she played McFly’s friend Jennifer Parker. She won the Michael Landon Award and was nominated for the Young Artist Award.

Lea Thompson, after her role as Lorraine Baines in Back to the Future, became popular and made a significant career break. In total, she took part in more than 200 works (TV shows and films). She has received 5 awards and has been nominated for awards 6 times.

Jeffrey Weissman is best known for playing Conway in The Pale Horseman and as George McFly, Marty’s father in the second part of the adventure film Back to the Future. On account of his participation in more than 80 television series, films and programs.

Ricky Dean Logan has starred in 49 films. He became popular for his role as Data in the movie “Back to the Future 2”, and also made him famous by filming “Dead Freddie: The Last Nightmare”. Recipient of 11 different awards and nominations for the Bonehead Award.
リッキー・ディーン・ローガンは49本の映画に出演しています。映画『バック・トゥ・ザ・フューチャー2』のデータ役で人気を博し、『デッド・フレディ 最後の悪夢』の撮影でも有名になりました。11種類の賞を受賞し、ボーンヘッド・アワードにノミネートされています。

Jason Scott Lee has starred in 43 films, mostly playing supporting roles. One of these works is the film “Back to the Future 2” (Whitey). He played the main roles in the films “The Jungle Book” and “Dragon”. Was nominated for CFCA, DVDX, MTV Movie awards.

Elijah Wood began showing his acting talent at an early age. He became famous for his participation in the “Lord of the Rings” trilogy, but his first breakthrough was the role of the Game Boy in “Back to the Future 2.” Received over 25 awards and 40 nominations.
イライジャ・ウッドは幼少の頃から演技の才能を発揮していました。ロード・オブ・ザ・リング」3部作への参加で有名になりましたが、”バック・トゥ・ザ・フューチャー2 “のゲームボーイ役でブレイクしました。25以上の賞を受賞し、40のノミネートを受けています。

Charles Fleischer is best known for his performances in The Nightmare on Elm Street and Who Framed Roger Rabbit, released in 1988, where he spoke in Roger’s voice. But he can also be seen in the second part of the sci-fi movie “Back to the Future” as Terry.
チャールズ・フライシャーは、1988年に公開された『エルム街の悪夢』や『Who Framed Roger Rabbit』でロジャーの声を演じていることで知られています。しかし、SF映画「バック・トゥ・ザ・フューチャー」の後編にもテリー役で出演しているのを見ることができます。

A turning point in Elizabeth Shue’s career was the shooting of Leaving Las Vegas, for which she was nominated for an Oscar. She also starred in Back to the Future 2 as Jennifer. Shu has received 8 awards including ACCA, CFCA Award and DFWFCA and received 13 nominations.

Darlene Vogel became famous for her acting career in the films “Policemen on Bicycles”, “Tiger’s Tail” and a role in the second part of the movie “Back to the Future”. In it, she can be recognized by her role as Spike. She also starred in the TV series “House Doctor”.

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